The ESL Conversation Classic – “20 Questions” Printable Cards

1 Nov

I often find shy students who are proficient in English much more challenging to teach than early beginners who are brave in the face of learning a new language.   Trying to warm students up and get them feeling comfortable is an important task that every ESL Teacher should be or become expert at.  It will make your teaching life easier and more enjoyable.  Simply diving into a lesson without a group of smiling, engaged faces may prevent the not-so-social students from contributing during class.

In addition to being shy, I find quiet students are always the least likely to ask questions.  Having a “free-talking” class where I’m asking all the questions and they’re doing all the answering, isn’t exactly conversation.  So, here’s where the 20 Questions game is a perfect activity to bring together small groups into laughter and discussion, as well as to get students asking questions.

Here it is!  Feel free to download myJennifer Teacher – 20 Questions that includes instructions and the printable cards.

I also suggest you check out my list of amazing Classroom Conversation Starters and warm-ups that get students talking.

3 Responses to “The ESL Conversation Classic – “20 Questions” Printable Cards”

  1. London School of english September 5, 2014 at 3:12 pm #

    Great post! Extremely helpful!!

  2. Kristian Wingo September 20, 2016 at 2:14 am #

    Thank you Jennifer! I work with a heterogeneous group of students who don’t always know the same celebrities or famous people, so using things is much better for this game.


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    […] Jennifer Teacher blog calls this the ESL conversation classic with good […]

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