The KOTESOL Seoul Chapter Conference

12 Apr

I attended the KOTESOL Seoul Chapter Conference held at Sookmyung Women’s University on March 31st, 2012.    The conference theme was “Students Finding Their Voices.”

It was my first KOTESOL Conference, and I was happy to meet some amazing educators who are teaching in schools all over South Korea, “Tweet-up” and lunch with the newly formed #KELTchat group on Twitter, and of course learn from some of the presentations and presenters there.  Here’s a little of what I came away with:

Educational Uses of QR Codes

Michael Jones, a lecturer at Woosong University in Daejon, had some novel ideas for making smartphones work in the classroom through creative uses for QR Codes.  It was a highlight of the conference for me and I wasn’t alone.  Some attendees were practically jumping in their seats.  He demonstrated how to use QR codes to deliver content, set up paperless tasks, create multimedia projects, get immediate feedback or doing quick quizzes (using QR Codes and Google Docs – Forms), and attending to administrative tasks.

Teaching to Multiple Intelligences

Stafford Lumsden, a Teacher Trainer at Gyeongin National University of Education in Incheon, gave us a review on multiple intelligences based on Gardner’s (1983) theory that there exist dominant cognitive abilities and strengths in learners that teacher’s can use to meet their students’ needs.  He had a great handout on select activities that are best for each type of learner, and recommended that we ESL Teachers vary our classroom activities to suit all types of intelligences.

Warm-Fuzzy After-thoughts

And of course, like the benefits of all great meetings of like minds, I was nourished and inspired.   I often feel isolated in my profession as an ELT in Korea, despite there being many other ELTs in Seoul, I still am in a small neighbourhood, talking and working with Koreans on a daily basis.   And so meeting with other kind and informed educators at the KOTESOL conference rekindled my teaching fires, the light from which spreads outwards and hopefully inspires my students, and in turn their parents? (^^)

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