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Visual Arts Exemplar – Picasso-style Portrait

9 Nov

Visual Arts Exemplar - Picasso-style Portrait

I’m sad to say that my semester of curriculum and instruction in visual arts has come to an end. Here are a few of my exemplars for an out of proportion lesson where we followed success criteria to make a Picasso-style portrait using markers and oil-based pastels. What a fun class!


Great Resources at

9 Nov

There are a plethora of incredible resources I’ve been exposed to and come across here at Lakehead U, and this link I’m sharing today is by far one of the best.  For videos, resources, assessment and instructional strategies, and much, much more, make time for this link.  For ELT’s there is a whole section of resources for ELL’s worth checking out.  Dig into the links and look around, there is a lot of amazing information here.

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