Visual Arts Exemplar – Picasso-style Portrait

9 Nov

Visual Arts Exemplar - Picasso-style Portrait

I’m sad to say that my semester of curriculum and instruction in visual arts has come to an end. Here are a few of my exemplars for an out of proportion lesson where we followed success criteria to make a Picasso-style portrait using markers and oil-based pastels. What a fun class!


Teaching ESL Yoga

4 Apr

Teaching ESL Yoga

Every Wednesday I teach ESL for young learners (ages 4-6) in a really fun, active way! English yoga for kids, language + movement games (kinesthetic learners unite!), and some kids aerobics, too. Here we’re adding an Egyptian dance move to tree pose – always a laugh! 🙂


Why Students Continue Studying

24 Apr

Why Students Continue Studying

STIR it up! The four main reasons students choose to continue studying ESL with a particular teacher. If students feel a sense of improvement, are satisfied with the teacher’s teaching style, feel your individualized attention and are being taught course content relevant to their needs – chances are they’ll continue studying with you. Great food for thought for ESL Tutors!

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